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Soooooooooo…Yesterday, I really had sharp pains on my heart side so I went to the ER. They took my temperature and I had fever and my heart was beating fast. So they run some blood tests and heart tests. Everything seemed OK. But they found some blood in my urine sample so they send it to a laboratory for more tests. And I’ll only have the results on tuesday.

So, let’s just say that I’m gonna even be more stressed for the next 4 days…

They gave me some medicine for the fever. Today, it was ok. My chest pain was less present but the beating still fast. The fever is also less higher. I hope I’ll be able to sleep tonight without any medicine.

So, these are the news so far…

Step with me - Chapter 14 is now up! (Better late than never, eh Piper?!)



A cold call is only ever welcome in the middle of the night. When the shrill sound of a telephone slices into otherwise peaceful slumber, dragging its incumbent into abrupt consciousness – heart beating rapidly, clumsy hands shaking – a misguided sales effort would feel heaven-sent. Irritating and badly timed, but its recipient could then relax back into the pillow with a wry smile, a still trembling hand placed over the heart and a fleeting glance at their bed-fellow. “Bloody sales call” they could mumble, or perhaps “wrong number.” Sleep would soon encroach once again, a short-lived restlessness might prevail while limbs ease comfortably back into place and nerves are restored to their previously peaceful state. No real harm done.

Sybil leapt out of her warm bed and in the midst of sleep-ridden confusion, began to half-run towards the bedroom door. A few steps in, realisation struck that the sound was her mobile ringing on her bedside cabinet. Turning on her heel, she felt herself wobbling like a drunk on skates and slammed a hand down hard on to a chest of drawers for balance. Tom was now stirring with rapidly blinking eyes, pushing himself up into a sitting position. Sybil had momentarily forgotten his presence, fixated only on the jarring noise and willing it to only be a nuisance.

MARY – the letters were illuminated through the gloom and Sybil’s stomach lurched in anticipation. There would be no easy reprieve. The hammering within her chest only intensified as she sat down, slid a finger across the screen and lifted a shaking hand to her ear.


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How to make Mendl’s Courtesan Au Chocolat from Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel

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Allen at the opening night of Macbeth (x)


Allen at the opening night of Macbeth (x)

New story ! Dedicated to Shana-Rosee for her birthday. Tom, Sybil, paintings and book…and romance of course! Fluff alert. Thank you to Skinnycat77 for her help and beta. I’m in love with this story so I hope you’ll like it too. Reviews are welcomed.


July 1914

The weather was just perfect. The air was mild, neither too hot nor too cold and there was a little gentle wind that was very pleasant. The sky was blue, immaculate. Sybil was standing away from the big house, at the other side of the park and was focused on her work, completely isolated in her own bubble and unaware of the world around her.

“It’s beautiful. You’re very talented.”

Branson’s voice startled her and she turned sharply in his direction. She smiled at him then returned her attention on her work, not without noticing he was out of uniform.

“You’re not working today?” she asked him innocently while sliding her brush on the canvas.

“You’re father gave me the afternoon off so I decided to enjoy a walk in the woods for a change. I just came back and I saw you so I thought I’d stop to bid you a good afternoon,” he answered, encouraged to do so by the fact that she had held his hand a few days ago at the garden party.

“I needed to get away from the house. They’re all talking about war and I wanted to clear my mind for a while. I need to be busy and not to think about what is happening not so far away.”



Fantastik “Kompletement BABA” (framboise, fraise, bergamote)